WHAT IF, I restart my blog

I haven’t been this awakened since ages. Kyoorius design yatra was damn good / chilling/ inspiring. There are enough sites / social updates which explain in detail about the design yatra. But I thought,WHAT IF, I restart my blog :)


Its nothing but random thoughts. Might not be connected well. Still you can find small lights in between.


There are so many people, especially designers come to me or chat with me by asking how one can become a UX designer. Is that a senior web/graphic designer becomes a UX designer? Is it that a senior engineer becomes a UX designer? Nope, seniority Doesn’t matter much.


Its very simple :)


Last year, Me, Abhilash Ramachandran and Edwin David Sam was discussing about UX design with an engineer who took certificate from one of the best UX institute in India. He learned all theories and got certificates. But the thing he opened up was, he was not able to design or he is not confident in UX/UI. He asked, how you guys do  these things. everybody explained  their ways. I said that its very easy, no big jargon. its very simple like film. It should have a story. there will be main characters and supporting elements. Introduce them in a proper (prioritize ) way with measuring their strength and value in the film. For example: Add a small wind when the hero appears. So that audience know he is important and hero . Add songs (colors) whenever its demanded. sometimes item dance, some times melody. But on right time and right place. More interactive. Finally, Make it simple and emotional. Thats it. There is no B2B or B2C only H2H. Human to Human.  In Lakshmy’s  words-Heart to Heart. Axure, invision,balsamiq, Ux pin etc are just tools for making mockups.


Okay, Will start from the bottom.


First thing comes in my mind is the qualities a UX designer should have. He should have a good observation, travel a lot and meet new people. You cant learn it from your small cubicle. Come down to the streets, meet the normal people, talk to them ad design for them. Because future is LIFE DESIGN. not just a product design.


You should read more books/ online articles and listen to more videos. Let me tell you one thing, no one can improve without reading. No one can improve without listening to others. (my routine 3 articles + 1 video everyday). Try to implement that knowledge. Ideas will not work, we should work on ideas.


Don’t behave like frogs in a small well. There is a sea around us. Be empathetic.


In any Organization / Company / Institution, there are people who call themselves like Senior, Junior, Manager etc. But the real innovators don’t need any title to do the job. They are the small number of  individuals-  Crazy, Passionate, Trying something New , don’t  care much about Failures


When we say Change, Don’t measure it with success or failure. But they always try  to do something which others cant easily catch. The people sitting above / leader / manager  should improve their knowledge thrice than any other guys. Then only they can understand whats new and how we can reach there. Clients may not know whats new / apt, we should educate them.


Find the edges. Break and build up. No fear. Believe.


that’s it for now…more points next time… contd…

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