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Jos Buivenga’s freefont that is a bit square and sharp. Great attention has been given to detail, spacing and kerning.



Slab-serif. Kontrapunkt was awarded the Danish Design Prize for best typeface.


District Thin

A very calm, serious and impressive sans-serif free font from GarageFonts’ District family. The font is available as Mac Postscript, Mac TrueType, PC Postscript, PC Truetype and OpenType.


Fontin Sans

Available weights: regular, italic, bold, bold italic and small caps. It is a sans companion of Fontin and can be downloaded at Mac & PC (OpenType). Fontin Sans is absolutely free for personal and commercial use.


Mank Sans

A freefont designed by Manfred Klein.



This typeface is ideal for logos and general design.


Today’s design mania-47

Best Customized iPhone Websites

iphoneiPhone websites are a becoming popular every day, thanks to the iPhones because of which phones ‘usage is not just limited to calling or texting. There is a remarkable increase in specialized & optimized websites for iPhone screens. Today we are presenting 40 such iPhone websites for you to check & share your experience.

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How Choice Impairs Your Visitors

Many sites provide an array of methods to interact with their offerings, but excesses in decision-making pressure can render less empowered visitors into a cyclone of stress from the barrage of questions being asked. As an industry, we place a great deal of emphasis on getting visitors to make decisions, but are we turning a straightforward path into a labyrinth with our need to know?

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Free Hand-Draw Sketched Website / Blog Icons Collection

iconsYou may modify the icons in shape, color, and/or file format and use the modified icons royalty-free according to the license terms for any personal or commercial product.

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Freebies: Facebook, Twitter & RSS Feed Icons

iconsToday’s release is a set of popular social media icons consisting of Facebook, Twitter and RSS designed exclusively for Onextrapixel by Helen Gizi, a talented self-taught graphic designer. The custom social media icons have been created especially to bring a new look to the normal and traditional icons.

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Today’s design mania-46

Beautiful & Creative Portfolio Designs

portfolio designThere are thousands of online Portfolios around and it’s really hard to select few. Still some designer’s work which however, reaches beyond the simple design work to a piece of art and the result is so wonderful then a regular web design that it made his work memorable. We are always looking for inspiration, specially when it comes to web design.

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Is Consumerism Killing Our Creativity?

consumerismHave you ever fallen into a black hole of comparison shopping? You’re looking for a new digital camera, for instance. You head over to and read some reviews of various cameras, watch the video demos, identify the model you want.

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Brilliant Examples of Forced Perspective Photography

photographyForced perspective is a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It is used primarily in photography, filmmaking and architecture. It manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera.

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Webdesign & CSS inspiration for iPhone

css for iphoneCSSiPhone is the first ever iPhone CSS Gallery which displays iPhone web interfaces for iPhone inspiration. you will find good collection and get inspired. Enjooy

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Today’s design mania-45

Will be back with cool and inspiring links,  after ONAM holidays… :)

happy onam

Today’s design mania-44

Inspiring iPhone Application Websites

Iphone application websitesSince great iPhone apps are always being launched and their websites are usualy beautiful and have a unique style, we decided to gather a new list for you. This time we followed your tips and included a small ‘about’ on each one of the apps.

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Gorgeous Green Energy Vector HQ Earth Wallpapers

WallpapersA good way to start up a new week is to give your desktop a new look or get inspired for your new artwork or web design. No better way to do that than choosing one of the gorgeous green energy earth HQ wallpapers. Check them out and pick the ones you like the most, enjoy!

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Why SEO Doesn’t Matter Anymore and What You Should Do Instead

SEOSearch engine optimization used to be the holy grail of getting more traffic. Placing high in search engine rankings for prime keywords related to your niche could send thousands of visitors to your site on a regular basis.

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Fun and Fantastic Wedding Invitations

wedding cardsThis collection consists of 30 unique, crafty, and fun wedding invitations. You’ll see everything from circus-themed invitations to cards designed to look like comic book covers.Enjoy the collection, and share your comments at the end of this post as well as links to other great wedding invitations…

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Today’s design mania-43

Brilliant WordPress Site Design for Design Inspiration

WordpressDesigning of creative design is a quite difficult job for an artist as he needs to show his ability of using his design skills in it which leads him to get busy with new visitors or potential clients. The more time and effort you dedicate for a creative, eye-catching design and hitting your objectives, the higher are your chances for getting better results in the end.

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Fresh jQuery Plugin That Will Rock Your World

jQueryThese plugins makes our job as web designer so easy. For example: If we wanted to add an image gallery, an animated menu for a project we do not have to write the plugins from scratch. In this post we are sharing with you 25 recently released jQuery plugins that will amaze you.

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Subtle CSS3 Typography that you’d Swear was Made in Photoshop

CSS3Thanks to text shadows, outlines, transitions, and even text gradients, we can now create cool typography that you’d swear had to be made with a program like Photoshop. Nope, all CSS3 baby! Let’s take a look in this video quick tip.

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Photoshop Web Design Layout Tutorials from 2010

Webdesign layoutWeb layouts are crucial for every web design. Whether it is a simple design or an advanced one, Photoshop can often come handy in creating such layouts. We have collected some really creative and helpful recent tutorials that display the process behind creating web layouts in Photoshop.

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Today’s design mania-42

The origins of A B C

TypographyWe see it every day on signs, billboards, packaging, in books and magazines; in fact, you are looking at it now — the Latin or Roman alphabet, the world’s most prolific, most widespread abc. Typography is a relatively recent invention, but to unearth the origins of alphabets, we will need to travel much farther back in time, to an era contemporaneous with the emergence of (agricultural) civilisation itself.

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e commerce websitesWell Designed E-commerce Websites

In this post, we are showcasing 14 e-commerce websites which I think have great aesthetics. We are not just looking at functionality, but also in brand presence and key messaging. All of the below websites have personality, and a real unique shopping experience.

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greenGreen Lantern Artworks for Inspiration

Their power rings are some of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Their predominantly green costumes and trademark symbol have been hits with several generations, and the series has received many awards through the years.

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Balancing Family and Passion

balanceMost designers are extremely passionate about their craft. Unfortunately, that means they also find themselves wedged between their love of work and responsibility to their family. How can you find a good balance between the two? Frankly, you really can’t.

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Drench: Cubehead

cube headA man with a seriously mixed up head uses drench to sort out his Cubehead, and get himself back together. Directed by Ulf Johansson. VFX by The Moving Picture Company.

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Today’s design mania-41

The Art & Science of Evidence-Based Design

Art and scienceLet’s start by defining our terms (Slides 1 through 20). Here are a few conventional ways to differentiate between art and science when it comes to user experience design: In terms of focus, an artistic process is concerned with issues of look-and-feel, whereas a scientific approach focuses on deeper, more systematic issues like underlying architecture.

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Explore The Past: Inspiring Coca Cola souvenir plate posters

Coca colaThe History of Coca-Cola is a story of special moments — times with family and friends and special occasions when Coke was naturally there. Every person who drinks a Coca-Cola enjoys a moment of refreshment — and shares in an experience that millions of others have savored.

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The 30 Best iPhone Apps So Far This Year

Iphone appsHowever, the novelty land grab is definitely over. When you run a search on the App Store, most of the gimmicks have already been created—at least twice. Clones still litter the store and it’s becoming even more difficult for quality apps to get noticed. But, if you have a bit of patience and are willing to sift through less exciting apps, there are some fantastic gems just waiting to be discovered.

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Finish Your Masterpiece with Deliberate Goal Planning

Goal planningAll artists want to create massive, powerful works to be remembered by. We have visions of our own “Sistine Chapel” that we want to tackle before we die. The problem with epic projects is that they’re often started, but rarely finished. This is precisely why we celebrate massive works: they don’t come along very often.

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Today’s design mania-40

Brilliant Photographs to Refresh Your Mind

photographyPhotography is one of the key sources of inspiration for some of my past work. Here we talking about photography of various forms like aerial, wildlife, underwater, portrait, nature, travel etc. which I find usually amaze me more than anything.

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Presentations made easy

presentationCreate beautiful presentations, access them from anywhere, and share them with the world. With 280 Slides, there’s no software to download and nothing to pay for – and when you’re done building your presentation you can share it any way you like.

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Useful CSS Snippets for Developers

cssCSS is no doubt up there with the most important web languages that we use. While html provides the structure it can be inconsistent and unpredictable across different new and old browsers. Css is where the html is styled though, and where we get creative as well as addressing those inconsistencies.

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Graffiti Fonts

Graffiti fontsthe largest collection of graffiti style fonts, letters, alphabets, numbers & symbols on the net. Download from our archive of free fonts or check out the exclusive Graffiti Fonts® collection featuring high quality graffiti fonts from around the world.

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Today’s design mania-39

Six Useful CSS3 Tools

Css3 ToolsCSS3 continues to gain popularity as we’re seeing it used in more and more websites. However, there are still those out there that are holding out on learning it and using it. This is probably due to the fact that it’s not fully supported yet in all browsers.

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Illustrations of an Abandoned Earth

NatureFuturistic illustrations of skyscraper cities and flying vehicles are very common, but what we don’t get to see very often is what happens if mankind faces extinction. Tokyogenso came up with his vision of this future.These are somewhat peaceful.

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5 Annoying Trends That Make Every Movie Look the Same

hollywoodHollywood: the dream factory, the place where joy is made and everybody craps rainbows and cocaine. But underneath the glitz is a bunch of working stiffs who are either just trying to get the job done, or hacks who get their original ideas by ripping off other hacks.

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KL Dart board “Brings your iPad and iPhone together like no other”

iPad appKL Dartboard is a dartboard game from keylime3.14 which lets you use your iPad as a dart board and you throw darts at it using your iPod touch or iPhone. Again, iPad as dartboard and iPhone/iPod touch as virtual darts.

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