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Leaves Turning Yellow – 30 Inspirational Autumn Designs

deisgn maniaAutumn is a season which lavishes with wonderful colors, an exuberance of seasonal fruits and sometimes it makes us feel nostalgic. Today, I put together a collection of beautiful autumn related images to inspire you. Check them out!

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Freebie release: Professional Business template in Photoshop PSD

deisgn maniaThis exclusive freebie is a pack of 5-page Professional Business Website Templates  in Photoshop .PSD format. The design uses a clean, slick and professional look throughout the templates with blue as the accentuating color. The design is ideal for your business or corporate website.

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HTML5 and CSS3 Web Page Tutorials

deisgn maniaThe arrival of HTML5 and CSS3 has given web designers a major sense of excitement by offering a broader range of options, creative opportunities and shortcuts for designing a web page. We could talk about all of these new features endlessly, instead, to keep things simple, we have highlighted four web tutorials that make use of HTML5 and CSS3 perfectly and that demonstrate effectively the potential power of these fantastic technologies.

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Ordering CSS3 Properties

deisgn maniaOrdering CSS3 Properties By: Chris Coyier on 9/7/2010  When writing CSS3 properties, the modern wisdom is to list the “real” property last and the vendor prefixes first:

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