the making of MY tax India (iPhone app)

Our iphone app, Mytax India is #1 in Indian app store in finance category. we are getting a lot of mails and reviews from users. Everybody says one thing in common, and that our app is really easy to use. As a UI designer who participated in this project i would like to share some interesting things, like how we started and designed the UI.

When Mr. Y  came up with an app idea of calculating tax, our mission was very clear,”To help individuals to calculate their tax liability and plan on their investments effectively using a simple application.”

Sketches of Mytax india

I am a  lazy goose who hates calculation and calculating Tax is herculean task for me. I am bad at remembering numbers too. So my intention was very clear from first stage of discussions. The user should be able to use without typing and should be more user-friendly than a math app.  We wanted it to be easy to use and understand each and every splits..
I believe in the UI design theory “please, DONT MAKE ME THINK” and i like story telling in whatever i do. :)
so i started scratching on paper. Actually i drew more than ten different styles of presenting this app. We needed all the data in one single screen. It was challenging in 320×480 pixel place.
Rough Sketches

we split  our  UI in three parts –  the bottom two parts are called income and investments. A user can use either keyboard or tap on add and subtract button or slide on slider to enter his figure. The second one is investments. We again split that part into six. each part indicated as an icon which can easily understand. The question mark icon will give you a complete idea on investments.
Fianl screens of Mytaxindia

There are so many apps in which you kinda  enter some numbers and it gives  back a PLAIN number answers. We wanted to do it in an animated / interesting way. we thought about a glass of water which grows, graphs and  all blah blah. at last we got an idea about coins. That was a turning point in designing. the developing geeks did an excellent effort and made it extraordinary. so in one page a user can understand all things. we knew that our users will be enjoy this and that set our app apart from others. The page TAXSPLITS page i got inspired from abacus. again our developers made it really nice.

The developer team really supported the design team to make all our crazy visuals convert in to reality. Its a free app very useful for all Indian iPhone users…

Have you seen it? please check it out. let me know what you think.. :)

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