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Design maniaInspiring Advertisement Designs

Advertisements can be dull and boring, or they can stand out with their own unique flare. In this post I will be sharing 20 inspiring advertisement designs that step outside the normal boundaries.

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Design maniaFresh Examples of Minimal Web Design

There is nothing more inspiring than a clean and minimal website. A design with few elements representing something. The saying “less is more”, even though somewhat cliche, couldn’t be more true.

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Design maniaExcellent Photography-Related Tutorials

With the advent of affordable digital cameras and photo-editing software such as Photoshop, what used to be an expensive profession is more and more accessible to casual individuals.

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Design maniaCan Experience be Designed?

Do experience designers shape how users feel or do they shape with respect to how users feel? A small but important nuance. Did you catch it? No?

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How Do You Apologize to Clients?

Flash-free Nexus One Faster than iPhone 4

The Pencil iPad Stand :

Inspiration: The beauty of electronic circuits:

Free Clean and Minimal WordPress Themes

Today’s design mania-18

30 minimalistic advertisements:

Logo Process – Apple & Eve [nude] Identity Development:

cool wedding photography..:

Ipad Pockets :

57 Exquisite Angel Artworks:

50 examples of fantastic photo manipulations