Today’s design mania-32

Download 100+ Design & Software Icons

design maniaDownload Free Icons for your next design. Theses icons are design by Omer Cetin. A talented iconist and web designer from Izmir, Turkey. Omer Design design high quality icons, web interfaces and these icons are pretty good example of his brilliant work and he is offering free download under Creative Commons License.

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Will jailbreaking your iPhone void your warranty?

design maniaApple points to a knowledgebase article here, indicating how much instability you might expect after jailbreaking your iPhone. Of course, now that jailbreaking is legal, Apple can’t really go after anyone doing it, but that doesn’t mean they have to support your functionality habit, either.

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Amazing Eye-Popping Colorful Logos

Design maniaIn this showcase, we’ll have a look at some logos that are using multiple colors in their designs. If you’re designing a logo, adding a number of colors can make or break your design. These artists, for sure, have succeeded in making memorable and inspiring logos.

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Estimated reading time in web design

design maniaUsers don’t read (more than 18%). About 2 years ago Jakob Nielsen wrote an “Alertbox” titled How little do users read?. His research suggests that users will read only 18% of your content. Given that I spend a few minutes editing each sentence I write, that’s pretty deflating.

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Top 10 HDR Mistakes and How to Fix Them eBook Giveaway

design maniaif you want to learn details about how to fix HDR mistakes… you better learn from the best! :) And this is exactly why we will giveaway 3 Top 10 HDR Mistakes and How to Fix Them eBooks to our readers. To participate just leave a comment telling us the importance about learning with our own mistakes… and good luck.

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Today’s design mania-30

Showcase of Amazing Retro-Vintage Styled Web Interfaces

Want to design a web interface with retro or vintage look and need some inspiration? Have a look at this post because we compile for you some of the best and very well designed web interfaces and website designs with an old retro styled touch. The stunning use of  vintage look components, illustrations and backgrounds, these web interfaces will give you an excellent idea and inspiration if you want to design some good looking old styled sexy website.

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Demos Showing Advanced jQuery Effects

Since the introduction of the iPad, with its lack of the Flash Player, there’s an acceleration in the web development world to use alternative technologies to Flash, such as jQuery, Ajax and others.Here are 21 online demos that show the power of jQuery for creating advanced effects and interactivity that can rival Flash.

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How to be Insanely Productive and Still Keep Smiling

Do you want to be more productive? Maybe you do, but I’m sure you don’t want to feel stressed, overwhelmed, or unhappy – which happens to many super-productive people. But there is good news:You can be insanely productive – and still smell the freesias, savor a Pinot Noir, or enjoy a languid hug.

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iOS 4 and iPhone 3G

Do you have an iPhone 3G?  Have you updated it to iOS 4 yet? If the veins are popping out of your neck and your skin is turning green, you probably have. If your iPhone 3G hasn’t been updated to iOS 4 yet, then do your iPhone, yourself, and your sanity a favor: DON’T UPDATE YOUR iPHONE 3G TO iOS 4!

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Today’s design mania-29

CSS3 Ads Versus Flash Ads

The CSS3 Ads run way smoother than the Flash versions. This working draft of Arne’s CSS3 ads works in newer WebKit browsers (Safari 4, Chrome 5, Mobile Safari) and degrades gracefully in Firefox and IE7+, displaying only the last frame of the animation.

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Magnificient iPad Wallpapers

iPad is one of the newest product of Apple and it has taken over the public like a storm. Apple has sold over 5 million iPads. iPad is supposed to revolutionize the way we do things. iPad is a cool device and it is important to represent who you are from your iPad. The best way to express yourself is through wallpapers

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Aloha: The HTML5 Editor

Aloha Editor is an easy to use WYSIWYG HTML editor, featuring fast editing, floating menu, and support for HTML5 ContentEditable. It provides WYSIWYG editor to any website content instantaneously, enabling content editors to see the changes the moment they type.

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well-designed examples of block quotes and pull quotes

A collection of well designed examples of block quotes and pull quotes from websites.

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Today’s design mania-28

Examples of Single Page Websites

Single page websites are still a big hit this year, and we see new examples of this trend popping up everyday. To put this list together I was able to find many great examples on One Page Love, which is a great source for those who like to stay tuned in on the single page world. So enjoy the list…

[via webdesign ledger and One Page Love]

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Fresh and Fancy Fonts

These font are fancy, like cartoon, comic, old school or western type of fonts. So these fonts can be very handy if you want to design some cool vintage poster or need some typography illustrations or artwork. Both for commercial and personal use, download them now and enjoy.

[via lava360]

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iPad 3G helps Michael Bay direct Transformers 3

Here’s an interesting one… That famous movie-directing-guy, Michael Bay, uses his iPad 3G to help direct his cast. Have you heard of Transformers?

[via 9to5mac]

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iPhone DSLR Video

Here’s video from an iPhone using a SLR lens.

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Today’s design mania-22

Thoughts on Creativity and Design Process

21 Latest Free Fonts for Your Designs

Occam’s Razor: A Great Principle for Designers

Six Super Helpful Typography Cheat Sheets:

Jasonfried’s “managing conflict”:

YouTube web app gets overhauled with HTML5

Today’s design mania-21

Great Ads of the 2010 World Cup

iphone 4 Retina Display:

Become the fashion designer…Style Studio Iphone app:

The Key to Creating Remarkable Things

Today’s design mania-18

30 minimalistic advertisements:

Logo Process – Apple & Eve [nude] Identity Development:

cool wedding photography..:

Ipad Pockets :

57 Exquisite Angel Artworks:

50 examples of fantastic photo manipulations

Today’s design mania-15


Psychological Study of Web Designs

Apple iPhone 4: Hands-on review

The First iPhone 4 Game?

Today’s design mania-14

Applegirl Kim Yeo Hee First Single “My Music” Official Music Video :

Welcome to the All-New MobileMe :

60+ Creative Music Logos For Your Inspiration

Definitely a lot of fun, Paper Pilot iphone app game :

Applying Interior Design Principles To The Web:

Today’s design mania-4

Scalable Full Body Backgrounds in Web Design:

The Mozart of Madras is also a Mozart of Technology.:)

Iphone 4 mock-ups come out of Nowhere… Is it FAKE ? check it out:

Soccer lovers…Castrol launches World Cup analysis app for iphone. Grab it…

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